Lindauer Chocolates & Confections

Real Confections from Real People

Susan Lindauer

For Susan, plums, walnuts, and pistachios are part of her DNA. Since the age of 10 she’s been involved with Lindauer River Ranch, her family’s farm in the Sacramento Valley. Her fondest memories? Harvest time at the farm and the cloying scent of cinnamon from the drying plums.

 In 2016, Susan left a full-time position as an executive director of a Portland-based non-profit to follow her heart back to the farm. Recognizing the need in the market for a European-type chocolate and confection featuring plums and nuts, Lindauer Chocolates & Confections was born.

Madeline Tomseth

Madeline Tomseth, Oregon grown and raised, met Susan and it was a match made in confectionary heaven. As a classically-trained French pastry chef, Madeline not only understood the Old World European flavors Susan sought, but she reimagined them, creating new recipes designed to appeal to the modern palate.

Madeline’s experience ranges from creating as a pastry chef in Chicago at various bakeries and restaurants to working at a food and beverage PR firm. We’re lucky to have her, her recipes, and her help to develop meaningful connections with our customers through food.

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