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Truly Tasteful Gifts

Our exclusive, focused selections of hand-crafted chocolates are an extraordinary gift for loved ones, colleagues, clients, and yourself. Go ahead - try them all!


The Journey Begins Here

For four generations, the Lindauer family has farmed the Sacramento valley, growing, harvesting and drying plums, walnuts, and pistachios. 


Simply Superb Ingredients

Our hand-crafted confections begin with ingredients grown on our family farms, but there's so much more to know. 


Providing Chocolate Cheer

Dear Friends of Lindauer Confections,

We continue to experience anxiety and concern about the staggering numbers of people affected by the Coronavirus.  

Keeping our distance and protecting our family and friends is crucial. We’re all struggling in some way, and we wanted to reach out to let you know we’re here to provide our community with a little cheer, especially as we enter the holiday season.

 If you, or a loved one is need of a bit of chocolate cheer, shop for your favorite, hand crafted confections and we will ship it directly to you or them. While many things are uncertain, connecting with friends & loved ones, self-care, and hope remains. Support your food bank, frontline workers, or a family in need during this season of giving in whatever way you can, and hopefully you and your family will enjoy a slower pace of life this year.  

Sending warm, health-filled wishes and chocolate cheer, 


Intentionally Different, Decidedly Delicious

Expertly hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, Lindauer Chocolates & Confections are where classic European tradition meets ingredients direct from an American family farm. 

Handcrafting Our Confections

Our chocolate confections are inspired by the flavors of the plums, walnuts, and pistachios grown on Lindauer River Ranch. Each confection is made with care in small batches, cut by hand, and then hand-dipped in Cacao Barry Tanzanie 75% Origin Dark Couverture Chocolate.


Select Ingredients

Good products start with good ingredients. We believe in sourcing the best ingredients from producers who have close ties to their products.


We'd Love To Provide You With Chocolate Comfort!

We know these are challenging times for all of us. We would love to send a bit of chocolate love to you, a family member or a someone in your community. Let us know how we can spread some chocolate comfort!


Lindauer Testimonials

"...thank you sooooo much for the chocolates. Nougat is one of my all-time favorites. I can eat them all at once. My favorite was the Salted Butter Walnut Caramel then the Plum Ganache."

– Marina Meadows, Red Mountain Resort

"I have to tell you that the Lindauer chocolates were so appreciated. I’d eaten one and enjoyed it. This afternoon I was desperate for a few calories and had the other chocolate, which was tucked away in a few final items to be packed from one office to another. It was the salty one and was so amazingly good!! So much better than the famous Moonstruck chocolates I’ve had. Please thank everyone involved --outstanding!!

– Helmi Lutsep, Acting Chair, Neurology Department, OHSU

"Thanks again, Susan! Chocolates were a huge hit. You'll earn my repeat business!"

– Craig Hill, Beneficial State Bank

"Thank you so much for the chocolate treats... I did savor them long enough to be able to tell you they were incredible. Thank you again!"

– Alison K., Liberty House, Oregon

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