Lindauer Chocolates & Confections

Shipping & Delivery

General Shipping Info

We take the utmost care to ensure your Lindauer chocolate confections arrive safe and fresh. 

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Important Shipping Dates

We want to get your chocolates to you on time!

Sunday Holidays

To ensure a timely arrival for a Sunday holiday, such as Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, please use these guidelines. 

Fixed-Date Holidays

For holidays with fixed dates, such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or birthdays, please remember that UPS uses business days to calculate shipping times. For example, if you need chocolates by Tuesday, your two-day shipping order needs to be received before 10 a.m. PST, by the Thursday before, as Saturday and Sunday are not business days.

Summer Shipping Options

Between May 1 and October 31, we take extra precautions to make sure your chocolates arrive cool, and in the best condition possible.

When temperatures in destination city or in a shipping hub city reach 70° Fahrenheit, our standard shipping option is next-day, with shipments leaving our production facility Monday through Thursday. You may request next-day shipment on a Friday, but you’ll be charged a Saturday delivery fee. 

Delivery in Downtown Portland, Oregon

We can make deliveries within a 5-mile radius of downtown Portland for a $10 delivery fee, unless specified otherwise.

Shipping Restrictions


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