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Our products are simply divine, thanks to nougat, caramel, and ganache. Made with care in small batches, cut by hand, and then hand-dipped Cacao Barry Tanzanie 75% Origin Dark Couverture Chocolate


Nougat has been made in the Provence region of France since the sixteenth century. In Provence the name is said to come from ‘tu nous gates,’ or, ‘you spoil us.’ And once you try real nougat, you’ll understand why!

There are two types of nougat—the traditional crunchy black nougat made without eggs and the soft white nougat made with egg whites, honey, nuts, and often dried fruit.

Nougat is a cross between a meringue and a candy—it’s made by preparing a meringue and then slowly streaming in hot, concentrated sugar syrup while continuing to beat the egg white mixture. The result can be soft and chewy, or hard depending on how long the sugar syrup cooks.


Caramelization occurs when any sugar is heated to the point that its molecules begin to break apart and brown. When this caramelized sugar is cooked with ingredients such as milk or cream, a Maillard browning action occurs to that produces deep flavor, smooth texture and a rich aroma. The result is an extra creamy caramel that is truly delicious.


Not much is known about the history of ganache, although many agree it was invented around 1850's in France. The traditional structure for a ganache is either a 50/50 mixture of chocolate and cream (for a soft filling) or two parts chocolate to one part cream (for a firmer filling). Ganache is an intense chocolate flavor that inspires oh's and ah's with each bite.

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