Lindauer Chocolates & Confections

Our Inspiration

For centuries in France and Italy, dried plums, walnuts and pistachios have been used in chocolates and confections, such as a nougat and ganache. While I grew up familiar with the beautiful flavor pairing of dried plums and walnuts in confections, I haven’t seen them made or sold in stores in the United States. As such, I saw an opportunity to introduce a line of European inspired confections that highlight the distinctive flavors of our family’s plums, walnuts and pistachios.  Working with Madeline Tomseth, a classically trained French pastry chef, in Portland, we developed these decadent recipes to feature the old world European flavors, but are reimagined to appeal to the modern palate.

Lindauer Chocolates are small-batch, hand-crafted confections. Every bite contains the legacy of our family’s 4th generation commitment to growing high-quality dried plums, walnuts, and pistachios in the Sacramento valley.

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